Genia tou Chaous

At Easter 1982, three friends coming from a suburb of Athens, Nikos Vosdogannis (guitar, vocals, and lyrics), his cousin Nick Vosdogannis (bass) and Theodore Iliakopoulos (drums, lyrics) formed the band “Anti-Koultoura” with a new wave-punk sound and political lyrics.

During the winter of 1983 the guitarist Nikos left and was replaced by Kostas Hatzopoulos (guitar) who also contributed with lyrics and vocals to the band. Aris Labridis (vocals) also joined the trio, which renamed to “Chaos Generation” and infiltrated the new born punk scene of Athens. On April 7th they performed live with “Ex Humans” at ‘Sofita’ club, Plaka, Athens, and later on, for a last time they changed their name to “Genia Tou Chaous”. Finally, in the end of the same year together with the band “Adieksodo”, they released the split cassette entitled “Genia Tou Chaous and Adieksodo wish you Bonne Appetite”, an “Art Nouveau” production, which included six of their songs.
In 1984 Nick (bass) withdrew the band and Akis Abrazis took his position, while Aris Labridis (vocals) left to be replaced by Dimirtis Drakopoulos. In spring, they signed with ‘Enigma Records’ and on July they recorded the songs “Bastardokratia” and “Epithanatios Ronchos”, which were included in the first compilation of Greek punk bands named “Diataraxi Koinis Isychias”.
In 1985 they released the concert of January at Agrinio at “Cinema Anessis”, in a split cassette with “Adieksodo” entitled “Genia Tou Chaous and Adieksodo wish you Happy Easter”, which was distributed hand to hand by friends.
In the beginning of 1986 Drakopoulos (vocals) withdrew and Iliakopoulos (drums, lyrics, vocals) took over the frontman’s role. On May, they signed a one year contract with the independent company “Dikaioma Diavasis” (later “Di-Di Music”) and they started the studio rehearsals of their first LP that was released in the summer of the same year. In autumn Abrazis (bass) went to France (where he played the bass for the “Parkinson Square”), and his gap was fulfilled by Alexis Aliferis, while Dimitris Pappas entered also the band as vocalist. Under this line-up who brought fresh ideas, as well as the addition of the second guitar, they experimented with their sound aesthetics by giving much more volume and intensity to their compositions, while lyrics were digressed from the cliché of punk’s thematic by expressing in a tart but also poetic way the introvert pursuit of a universal political stand. On November 14th they performed the opening act to the Dutch “Shrubs” and “The Ex” at the ‘Club 22’, Athens.
In winter of ’87 they started testing recordings of their new material which would constitute the body of their 2nd LP. Their line-up was: Theodore Iliakopoulos (drums, lyrics, vocals), Kostas Hatzopoulos (guitar, vocals), Dimitris Pappas (guitar, vocals) and Alexis Aliferis (bass). On 5th and 6th of February 1988 they played the support act to Dutch “The Ex” at ‘Rodon’ club, Athens, and on 20th of the same month, they gave their last show at club “127 db” at Exarcheia, Athens. On February of ’89 the technical elaboration of the recordings was completed and in spring their 2nd LP entitled “Requiem (Gia Xepesmenous Theous)” was released by “Di-Di Music”, including 11 tracks. During the same year the band split-up.
Throughout their course they gave lot and often eventful concerts in Athens, Thessaloniki but also in province, rallying around them a big number of people from the anti-authoritarian and the alternative environment that followed them everywhere. As sessions players also participated into the group, at some of its concerts, John Venardis (‘Adieksodo’) drums, George Pipinis (‘Moist Device’) bass, George Drakopoulos (‘Moist Device’) keyboards, George Kioussis drums.
In 1996 “Wipe Out Records” rereleased the two LPs including two of their unreleased songs in one CD, as well as in a limited numbered double vinyl.
On April 2009 and after having completed 20 years from their split-up, Theodore Iliakopoulos, Kostas Hatzopoulos and Akis Abrazis met together and gave their last concert at “Gagarin’ 205” stage. Babis Petsinis (ex Sleepin’ Pillow) played the drums. While on March 2012, they participated by giving one more show, in “The 80’s Gathering” party that took place at ‘An Club’, Athens. Their line-up was Iliakopoulos, Hatzopoulos, Dimitris Drakopoulos and other friends-musicians (members of the band ‘No Mind’) who played with them.

Translation by Kerry Karali.
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