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B Sides

The band B-sides is the evolution of the music journey of a company of friends that started at the end of 1999. After approximately 5 years of live gigs, live club appearances and song recordings that group broke up.

The two guitarists and bass player decided to continue with a new drummer and no singer. They involved their sound in countless rehearsals from 2004 till early 2007. After changing their drummer and a few months later adding a singer, B-sides found the sound and personal style they desired and decided to get it out to the public.

In December 2007 they performed their first live as support group for the band Flakes at Politeia Live Hall in Patras.

At the start of 2008 they recorded and released 500 copies of the independent demo single "Morning After" which included the songs "Queen" and  "Forest". The single was released for free.

The song "Queen" was included in the collection Audiobook no.4 of It also was aired on the radio of Max FM, Politeia FM and Mojo Radio and was published three times in the first positions of the top 10 of the latter station.

In spring of 2008 the band recorded two more demo songs named "Kill" and "Who". A demo single called "K-9" was released but not in quantities and was only handed out to friends and radio stations.

In May 2008 they took part in the 2nd Music Wave festival at An Club in Athens.

In June 2008 they took part in two more live festivals in Patras (School of Rock and Free your Voice) and also performed live at the club Catamaran.

Also in June they released on the internet a remix of the song "Kill" by Chris Nemmo. The EP "Bad Science" that was produced in limited copies right after that, included all the previous recorded songs and the remix of Chris Nemmo.

In August 2008 they submitted the song "Queen" for the Coca Cola Soundwave vol. 2 Contest. The song got distinguished by the critics and led to the participation of the band at the Athenian SoundWave live gig. The event took place at Bios Club Athens at the end of September 2008 with the participation of the bands Le Page and Monika.

In October 2008 they recorded one more song entitled "I speak your words". Currently this song can only be found at the band's site and myspace page.

In November 2008 "Queen" was included in the compilation CD of the issue 6 of Muzine Magazine (

In December 2008 B-sides' first official release comes from B-otherSide Records. A limited edition 7" inch vinyl single entitled "Queen" containing the songs "Queen" and "Forest" in special vinyl mastered form. The recording, mixing and production took place at Noisebox studio from sak (Dionisios Mpastas, member of Raining Pleasure) and the master was performed by Eroc (former drummer of Grobschnitt) and Takis Dimoulas at Original Meister Studio in Germany. The single was cut in 500 copies.

The song "Kill" was  included in the new double collection “Turning point” of Dimitris Papaspyropoulos (Best Radio) that was released from Universal records.

The next 7” single “Kill” contains the same title track with a unique song’s version and as flip-side there is the song “Speak your words”, a release that was made in 200 hand-numbered copies from B-otherSide records in March of 2010.By the same time the song “Forest” have an intense airplay on the Rock FM 96,9  and as a result of this it remains for two different periods of 3 weeks each one ,on station’s Top5.

After that,on May of 2010 it came the time for the “Story without end” cd release, an album that resulted after many months of work, demanding recordings, lots of patience and even more tenacity.  In “Story Without End”, B-SIDES resist the notion of solitary hits and propose a complete album listenable from beginning to end with 10 songs enlisted in the service of a total style, with a uniform musical and lyrical result.  In this effort they received help from friends.  Tilemahos Tsardakas wrote lyrics for the opening and closing tracks of the album and Alexandros Logout from the band “The Place Within” participated with his exceptional vocals in one song.  The released CD is supported  by Rock FM 96, 9.

On June of 2010 Vassilis was replaced with a brand new member named Andreas.On December of 2010 it cames thecollectable vinyl edition debut album of the B-sides, “Story Without End”.The numbered, double, white labeled vinyl edition will be released in 100 copies only.It contains the album plus 8 unreleased tracks on a second record, a DVD-R with videos and live events of the band, promotion photos from the band’s 3 releases, lyrics and a collectable numeration card. All of the above on a hand creased, printed and laminated cover that opens as a folder.



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