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Venus In Furs

Founded in Athens in the summer of 1985, this legendary post-punk / gothic rock group instantly started playing live composed of Periklis Bozinakis (vocals, bass guitar) George Karatzas (guitars) and Michael ‘Skinner’ Tzezairlidis(drums). Their powerful live performances in clubs of the city and open festivals upgraded them into one of the most original and inspired ‘hot’ names of the underground scene. The recording of two demos in 1986 and 1988 brought them in contact with Penguin Records, and in 1989 the trio entered the studio and recorded their debut LP “…In Furs”. Due to some mistake in the production of the vinyl the record was never officially released, and gradually became something like an urban legend, a ‘ghost’ record. It is considered to be the rarest work of Greek discography along with Εν Πλω second EP. In 1991 guitarist George Karatzas left the group and was replaced by Panagiotis Mavromatis. The group continued their constant live concerts, and in 1992 they recorded another demo praised by the critics in magazines like ‘Ποπ καιΡοκ’. The trio split in 1993.

            Today, in 2010, the two founder members of Venus In Furs, George Karatzas(guitars and extras) and Periklis Bozinakis(vocals, bass guitar and extras) re-establish the band, recording again songs from their legendary ‘lost’ debut, along with new stuff. The much-expected record “New Horizon”, is a great chance for the audiences to experience their dark, electric and lyrical power, a work of art based firmly on the eighties post-punk, but also permanently ahead of its time.

            The name of the band is taken from the homonymous classic track of The Velvet Underground (The Velvet Underground and Nico, 1967).  

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