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Fratelli were formed in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1968 and constitute the first purebred rock group of Greece. The line-up was: Mimis Antonopoulos (vocals), John Kantzos (guitars), Stelios Fotiadis (bass), George Pentzikis (organ) and Leonidas Stamatiadis (drums).  

Their first musical direction to the psychedelic hard rock sound would gradually engrafted into the post-modern spirit of Theodore Papantinas, who came from America and brought a new and bracing gust to the music identity of the group. This amalgam of sounds in combination with the groups ‘chaotic’ appearances, would provide Fratelli a grand reputation that comes ‘till nowadays. 

In 1969, Mimis Antonopoulos left to study in London and the band split-up, while it came back in 1970 under the name Makedonomachoi and the addition of two extra members, Nikos Papazoglou (vocals) and Makis Giaprakas (bass). Under this line-up the group ‘shocked’ Thessaloniki’s music scene. Their live performances constituted a reference point for the audience, as unique incidents were happened on stage. Like the one that took place during their last concert in the military club of Kilkis, Greece, where the vexation among them resulted from a short-circuit during the show, ended up to the mutual forgiveness and mouth kissing!

Although they escaped the police arrest, the next day the junta’s government announced the group’s official split-up. So, in the summer of the same year when Mimis Antonopoulos returned to Greece, he found the band inactive. 

In 1994, the guitarist John Kantzos died, while Nikos Papazoglou followed 17 years later in 2011.         

Information about Makedonomachoi come from Dinos’ Dimatatis book ‘Get that Beat – 60’s & 70’s, pp.40-41, 125, pbl. Katsanos.

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