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B-otherSide records was born as an idea in Spring 2008. On September we issued our first order for the printing  of the B-Sides' 7’’ Single containing the songs “Queen/Forest”, which was delivered on December of the same year.

Since then, elapsed 11 years full of creativity, 120 releases by dozens of musicians and bands,  endless late nights work, excitement, passion, and lots of happy moments of creation as well as a few sad and bitter occasions. Within these 11 years we made a lot of new friends, but we also lost some loving ones (R.I.P. Vaggelis). We've managed to become stronger within the test of time and reinforced  our bonds with old friends and fellow companions. 

Our love for Greek music remained upheld and became bigger every day  with the support of our families although available time was not always on our side.


 I would like to thank my mentor Thodoris Kritharis (Wipe Out Records) for his precious tips and advices, our accountant Andreas Rallis (Alpha Tax Focus) for his guidance, also Thanassis Xanthakos (Plan 59) for the limitless work ours, our sound engineer μας Giannis Kiris ( for his amazing work on mastering and our fellow cooperators Dimitri Psichogio & Maki Bekiari for their full support. 

Also a big "thanks" to 19 labels which with we've had the pleasure to cooperate all these years, as well as to the musicians who trusted us and honored us with their friendship.

Last but not least, we feel that we owe everything to the people that continuously supports our releases and the Independent Scene. We hope that in 10 years time, the corresponding "thank you, Text"  will be written by the new B-otherSide generation.

December 2019

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