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Hip T Wah

The history of Hip T Wah goes back to 1984 when Elias and George formed an  early punk band in Alexandroupolis, Greece. They played aside from some of their own songs covers of the Clash, Stooges, Ramones, Bad Brains, Velvet Underground and other bands. The autumn of the same year the two of them left Alexandroupolis, continued however to collaborate, sharing - in the absence of internet – via post their tapes with their recorded compositions. The band would reunite during holidays in Alexandroupolis, with frequent changes in composition, to play a number of lives in the town. The winter of 1986 two new members Doukas and Nick join Hip T Wah. Hip T Wah give two concerts in Alexandroupolis and record their first demo in a home studio, with the help of the sound engineer John Kyriakakis, and without the use of amplifiers!
In 1987 the members of the band all move to Athens, playing in various concerts, along with other bands of the time like Villa21, Last Drive, ANTI, Brush etc. while in September of the same year they record with producer Greg Vaios , the song "FEAR" for the collection of Wipe Out Records «Wipe Out Presents: 12 Raw Greek Groups». 
In the context of this recording, Hip T Wah rehearse 7 more english-speaking songs, which the sound engineer of the studio Costas Strategopoulos records on a reel, and gives it to the band shortly after.
The reel of that recording is unsealed today for the first time after 26 years, and finds its way on vinyl grooves, with all the recordings' faults made at that time!

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