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Lagos Vassilis Quartet

Vasilis Lagos, A Graduate of Ionian University, with a vast collaboration in several musical projects of many different genres of jazz , experimental electroacoustics, avant-garde jazz (trio,14), free improvisation, (Free self improvisation group of the Ionian University), Afro-Jazz (Tea for X) Metal, (Zemial, Agatus) and Post Rock (Night On Earth), met Giorgos Daglas’ poetry, in March of 2015, at a bookstore where, the later, presented his poetry collection “Ballads for a demon”. Vasilis, who had already a long experience in composing music, but not in setting poetry into music, except for jazz music and English language lyrics, tries for the first time to compose music for greek language verse, and mainly, for an extremely rebellious poetry, with an explosive content which tries to point out rotten political and social norms and manages at the same time, to destroy them. Vasilis Lagos, wanted to point out with his music exactly that particular element of Daglas’poetry. And by proposing his musical pieces of a particular combination of several different genres, he succeeds to create an exquisite ecstatic and aesthetical result. That is how this record “Cantatas  for a demon” came up. The quintet that has been formed for the needs of this work, with Yiannis Papadoulis drums, Dora Vlassi vocals, Alex Dellis contrabass, and Spyro Nikas in saxophone, will try, in different live events, and/or, participation in several festivals, beginning with the Ithaca Festival 2016, to not only perform those pieces of music in their original form but, also to improvise several different variations.  

 (Ευχαριστούμε την Τζούτζυ Μαντζουράνη για την μεταφορά στην αγγλική.)

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