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Moot Point

In June 1984, Agamemnon (bass) and George (drums) were met with Vassilis (guitar) for early rehearsals at their studio, a semi-cellar, based at Kalamaria Thessaloniki. A few months later, they gave their first live concert under the name Moot Point and played their own compositions, as well as some arrangements. They also participated in the Lazy Dog Records’ compilation that was then recorded on tape, entitled “Give Bees a Chance”and distributed with the fanzine’s Rollin’ Under first issue. 

In 1985, Lia (vocals and keyboards) entered the band. 

In 1986 Moot Point recorded their first tape, entitled “Gonna Blast Ya Fulla Lead” that contained 22 songs. Babis Argyriou of the Rollin’ Under and Lazy Dog Records helped a lot the sound effect of the recordings with his technical equipments, his knowledge and his patience.   

Next year, Moot Point released their second tape, entitled “Moot Point Circus” that contained 17 tracks. 

In 1991, they recorded new material that was, however, never released. Their last live concerts took place in 1996 at the Law’s School auditorium at Thessaloniki.

Twenty-five years later, the recordings of the band’s first tape in 1986 are re-released and presented on this vinyl disc. Only three of the 22 songs are not included in this edition. 

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