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New Zero God

NEW ZERO GOD was formed in 2006 by former members of Greece's greatest gothic rock band, namely, THE FLOWERS OF ROMANCE, which had worked with THE MISSION UK, THE SISTERS OF MERCY, and NEW MODEL ARMY, amongst others.  


In their early formation NEW ZERO GOD opened for CHRISTIAN DEATH and THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS. 


The band released the album “FUN IS A FOUR LETTER WORD” through the Greek record label PUZZLEMUSIK RECORDS in 2010.

An interview of the band was featured on the Los Angeles magazine MUEN, followed by an interview in the UK magazine DOMINION, which was then followed up with a presentation in the international magazine TERRORIZER. 


During May 2011, singer MIKE POUGOUNAS was invited to take part in an international musician’s charity cover of DAVID BOWIE’s song EVERYONE SAYS HI to benefit the UK’s Sophie Lancaster Foundation (S.O.P.H.I.E.).


NEW ZERO GOD reached the English radio charts for the months of June and July 2011, with the song KISS THE WITCH, as cited in the English Magazine DOMINION.


On December 22, 2011, the song SECOND CHANCE was released under the moniker NEW ZERO GOD AND FRIENDS. This song was released as a charity fundraiser to benefit the American foundation HAWC (Healing Abuse Working for Change) and featured a number of international musicians who joined with the members of NEW ZERO GOD for this benefit.  The song stayed on the #1 spot on CD Baby’s Goth and Glam charts for the entire month of January 2012.


The English compilation THE BLACKOUT CRYPTHOLOGY featured a NEW ZERO GOD song, DEAD INSIDE, which was released in April 2012.


New Zero God released "CLUB BIZARRE" [SECRET SIN RECORDS, UK] on July 4, 2012. This 7-track Limited-Edition Collector's EP was released with hand-made packaging, a hand-numbering of pieces, and had a limited production of 100 copies. It also came with autographed inlays by the band members of NEW ZERO GOD and featured the new exclusive UK-release track, "WIDOW’S WALK”.


On September 28, 2012, NEW ZERO GOD wrapped up filming for their appearance in the movie, “ATHENS DRIFT”, a UK film release by PAUL DRUCE.


NEW ZERO GOD released their third album, "MMXIII", their second through UK label SECRET SIN RECORDS, on January 13, 2013.  The Greek edition of "MMXIII" was released through B-OTHERSIDE RECORDS as a digipak with a new front cover design, was re-mastered, and includes an added bonus track.




  • Mike Pougounas - Vocals, Keyboards, Tambourine

  • Dimitri “Sidheog” Steves - Drums, Loops

  • Harris Stavrakas – Bass

  • Apostolos Takos- Guitars, Keyboards 




  • Studio albums:

    • Fun is a Four Letter Word (Greece 2010)

    • MMXIII (UK 2013)

    • MMXIII (Greece 2014)


  • Singles:

    • Second Chance (2011)

    • Club Bizarre (UK 2012)

    • The Night Calls Your Name (2013)

    • Destination Unknown (Digital 2013)

    • Destination Unknown (Limited Collector’s Vinyl Edition 2013)


  • Compilations:

    • In Your Dreams Again (Cover, Nexus) - Because God Told Me To Do It - Weapons of Magick - Thee Brad Miller Series (USA 2009)

    • Fun Is A Four Letter Word - Lollipop Magazine (USA 2009) 

    • Dead Inside - Muz1ne #Δ Γκραντ Φινάλ (GR 2010)

    • Kiss The Witch - Devolution Magazine - Issue #30 (UK 2011)

    • Lap Of The Universe - Gothic Visions III (GER 2011)

    • Dead Inside - The Blackout Crypthology (UK 2012)

    • Lap Of The Universe - Sombrati Records - An Earth In Darkness (BRAZIL 2012)

    • In Dreams We Trust (Rat Mix) - A Deadfall Compilation, Volume 1 - Darkness Descends (UK 2013)

    • Intoxication - The Greek Underground Scene - 2013 Compilation (GR 2013)

    • Damaged - Xperiment XIII - Wicked Trax (AUS 2013)

    • Freakshow - A Deadfall Compilation, Volume 2 - Shadows Rise (UK 2013)

    • Until The End Of The Line - Intravenous Magazine's Blood Pack, Vol. 1 (UK 2014)



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