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Planet Of Zeus

Heavy guitars, Grooves that make you wanna dance and whiskey fueled vocals are the substances of this inflammable mix.


Planet Of Zeus have been air played in all the rock/metal radio and TV shows (including Bruce Dickinson's BBC radio show), played everywhere live (from filthy shit holes to big stadiums) and played live as supporting acts with major bands such as Hermano, Brand Bjork, Firewind, Nightstalker, Last Drive, Monster Magnet , Machine Head, Paradise Lost and Ozzy Osbourne.


They also filmed a video clip for the song "Leftovers" in High Definition Quality. Τhe movie shots of the video were taken from the short film "The Crossed" in which a song of ours is going to be used. The film was shot in Mojave desert near Arizona and California.

In the link above you can see the video on youtube.

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