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Prejudice Reborn

Prejudice Reborn is a heavy metal band from Athens, Greece formed in 2010, featuring band members Tassos Kanellopoulos (Vocals, Bass), Manolis Konstas (Drums), Thodoris Pantazis (Guitars), Kostas Karavolas (Guitars). To date Prejudice Reborn have released one self-funded demo called Weak (2008), a promo EP “Rain Must Fall” (2010) and two promo video clips O.C.D. (2011) and Beautiful Sadness (2011). The feedback received for the music has been really positive so far. The “Rain Must Fall” EP was reviewed at the Greek Magazine “Metal and Heavy Metal Hammer” and highly scored 9 out of 10. Plus, Prejudice Reborn were named “artist of the month” in the famous music site, a popular Greek forum for electronic musicians and audio enthusiasts.

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