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It was in the beginning of 1965 when two members of the band "Mersey Beats"(1963-1964), Yiannis Kyris( guitar ) and Yiannis Sitinas( guitar ), created U.L.S. with a common friend Giorgos Zahariou( drums ). He also acquainted them with Stamatis Spanoudakis( farfissa, bass,vocals ),who had already been part of many smaller groups, as well as Yiannis Petropoulakis( bass ), all together forming the ULS. The gift of two flags from an American College named ULS , inspired Stamatis Spanoudakis who successfully interpreted it as “United Lovely Sounds”, godfathering the band.


Given their love for guitar music, they first built their portfolio around  instrumental music , letting no space for vocal parts to be included. So they then decide to take the next step forward and bring on board Thodoris Sinadinos as a vocalist, setting the band’s performance steps ahead from their musicals opponents “Ventures” and “Shadows”.


It is now the time that they record “Baby Frankenstein” ( music : Stamatis Spanoudakis, lyrics: Nikos Mastorakis ) as well as “Peace Pie” of the Shadows. Nikos Mastorakis becomes impressed by the band’s potentials , when he comes across a tape  with their music and instantly decides to manage them, broadcasts their songs through his successful radio shows and finally arranges their first photoshoot in Sounio, covered by the exceptional photographer of “Modern Arts” Mr. Tselios.


During that time , Nikos Giannakopoulos fills up the vocals needs for the live performances of the band , due to often absence of Thodoris Sinadinos, while in May of 1965 Sakis Pallis replaces Giorgos Zahariou in the drums.


Come the following June, the band faces a temporary break up, as a few members had to devote themselves to their university studies, while Stamatis Spanoudakis departs for England,only to return in October. 


In November of 1965 the band reunites with Stamatis Spanoudakis ( vocals, farfisa, bass ) , Yiannis Kiris ( solo guitar ), Spyros Abatzopoulos ( initialy bass and then rhythmic guitar and vocals ) and finally Freddy Werder  ( ex Mersey Beats drummer ).


With this one being their longest formation, they will record their first three compositions “Can you Remember”, “Invitation” and “My mind is with you” ( music and lyrics by Stamatis Spanoudakis ) in studio Era with Nikos Despotidis ( sound engineer ) on December the 23rd.


In the next few months the band will attend multiple live performances, appear in many morning music shows, concerts, known night clubs, balls of great hotels and many parties. They will continue their photoshoots , always by the photographer Tselios, while being urged by Nikos Mastorakis,  the main duo ( Spanoudakis – Kyris ) will compose the jingle for the known swimwear brand “Delfini”.


During the spring of 1966 the band will experience their big break, as Michel Le Goff a music producer who had cofounded with his Greek wife Dimitra the record label MLG-Topi, had come to Greece in search of Greek bands with modern sounds.


Nikos Mastorakis arranged and attended their first meeting in Kolonaki where they came to the agreement and within the following summer the band begun recording the rest of their four tracks in Columbia studio placed in Perissos. The tracks were “ How to make a family” , “ The chief bandit” both music and lyrics by Stamatis Spanoudakis and Spyros Abatzopoulos and “ Friend” plus “My little Wife” music and lyrics by Stamatis Spanoudakis.


The band will continue its live performances up until the beginning of 1967, with “Friend” being featured as their best known track. They will also upgrade their twice a week rehearsals from Stamatis’s garage , to a studio wise transformed room in his house where they will usually gather in Wednesday and Sunday.


Finally the band will have to reform once again with Freddy Werder ( drummer ) departing for Switzerland and being shortly replaced by Michael Marudas and then again by Sakkis Pallis ( former member of Sette Amici ). Lacking further potentials as their recordings had not concluded to a release, by the upcoming summer Spyros Abatzopoulos will devote to his Law studies, Stamatis Spanoudakis will form “Whites” and then “Artomics” with Alexis Papadimitriou before departing for France and Germany, while Yiannis Kyris will continue performing for two more seasons in the club “Les Ami” at Ilioupoli until 1968 with a temporary formation of U.L.S, before finally enrolling in Esquires Beat Group.


Short Bios of the U.L.S members


Spyros Abatzopoulos


In the age of five, he started his piano studies being tought  by Mr. Tournisen, Ms Konsta and Ms Skalkota. He was enrolled in the U.L.S by Yiannis Kyris where he was the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist within the years 1965-1967. He co-compossed some of their songs with Stamatis Spanoudakis. Finally he departed from the band and worked as an economic diplomat for many countries.


Stamatis Spanoudakis


Initially he studied classical guitar and then involved into pop music but later on he continued his classical studies at Virtsburg Academy with professor Bertold Hummel and then in Athens with Konstantinos Kydoniatis. He also studied Vyzantin music. He has released many personal records and also composed many songs which have been performed by various artists. Member of the U.L.S  as a bassist and vocalist.


Yiannis Kyris


1963-1964 Mersey Beats1964-1967 ULS

1967-1968  U.L.S Yiannis Kyris ( guitar ) , Thodoris Margaritis ( drums ) , Nikos Rumbos ( keyboard ), Kostas Spyropoulos ( bass, vocals )1968 Esquires Beat Group1982 Syndromo

1972-1983 Photographer1985-2014 Composser / Producer commercial music & soundtracks. Over 800 jingles for tv spots. Personal records: Pempto Feggari, Life Line , Basket Beat



Freddy Werder


Summer of 1967 Graduation from German School of Athens ( German department )

1967-1974 Analyst/Programmer of applications for Omega Watches, Bienne / Suisse

1968-1972 Drummer in an amateur Jazz band  in Bienne , 4 members ( piano, saxophone, guitar, bass, drums )1975-1995 IT project leader in multiple companies IT Consulting

1996 Founding the company ACTIW SA,IT Consulting1996-2012 Project Leading and Consulting companies dealing with watch production and sale, accuracy engines and bank apps

Altogether he conducted computer science lessons and translations of manuals and texts, computer science involved books ( french-german-english ) 

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