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Sun of Greece

         Sun of Greece is the ghost group of the greek rock music of middle ‘70’s cause of their mythical hard rock single which was recorded at 1975 with the songs “Black birds” and flip-side “The thief and the assasin”.

           The things started on April of 1972, in the middle of the dark ages when  the military junta took over the government and Panagiotis Psarianos (poet) and Stefanos Psomas (music, guitar) meet each other while they were  serving in the army,both been in a situation of betrayal ,pressure and a lot of soldiers keeping a close watch on them.Day by day they trust each other more and Panagiotis Psarianos gave some sensational lyrics to Stefanos Psomas which manage to compose the music for them every night in a toll which was used for practise from the army band ,under the instructions of the author.Then Stefanos Psomas was recording them and sent them to his immigrant brother Mihalis Psomas (bass, vocals) to Germany which make the final formation of the songs but unfortunately this creative period finished because Stefanos Psomas was transfered in another army camp,away from Panagiotis Psarianos.After that they couldn’t even post each other cause it was impose censorship over the mails and Stefanos Psomas returns to Germany where he was immigrant too and he added Panagiotis Moutsakis (drums)in the group with which they have played together in the army camp.Finally they add Hans (farfisa) to the line up of the group and they recorded in the last days of 1974 a demo with 8 tracks with which they came to Athens and tried to make contacts with the major record labels but althought the labels liked them they didn’t want to make the press because they prefered the popular music.The band was disappointed a lot so they decided to make a private pressing of a single and Panagiotis Psarianos named the band “Sun of Greece” intending to an international career based in Germany.By their return to Germany they made a lot of gigs and rehearsals in sound studios every day for 3-4 hours per day in order to be a perfect formed band.Also  they bought new music instruments which cost a lot but they haven’t a lot of opportunities to go on a tour so Stefanos Psomas started working as a factory worker and Mihalis Psomas played in a popular orchestra in order to earn some money for their huge expenses.

              Day by day this promising band split up totally and all they left to us is this hard to find single and a 2-inch 16 canal tape with 5 songs and also one more 1-inch tape with 4 tracks taken from a rehearsal but in extremely bad condition.All this stuff is been compiled in this record  so that you can have a complete opinion for  this band with the extreme hard rock sense and the masterly poetry of Panagiotis Psarianos giving a unique album,althought the 5 tracks were mixed for first time in studio after 35 years!Join it 

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