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Spinball is an alternative rock band from Athens, Greece, first formed in January 2006. In June 2007, Spinball released their first demo “Spinball”, containing five tracks. The band began to record their first studio album in July 2010, with producer Dimitris Dimopoulos (Groove Productions).  This first album, called “Roger’s Fable”, released in May 2011, under the Orkestral Promenade Productions label. The second studio album “Shadows” released in September 2015 under B-Otherside Records label and contains 8 tracks. “Shadows” is also available on vinyl.

The band consists of members Nikos Karatzidis (vocals), Panagiotis Tsevrenis (guitar), Konstantinos Mavrantzas (keyboards), Pandelis Chandris (drums) and George Valvis (bass). The band originally included Giannis Vrettakos (bass) until May 2012 and still is the main lyricist for the band. 

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