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SEX-PIR,  a completely unknown band of the Greek rock scene until recently, is the precursor band of “Sun of Greece”, but with several differences in the band’s line-up and musical style.

The band was founded in 1966 by the brothers Michalis and Stefanos Psomas in Stuttgart, Germany where they migrated, first the older brother Michalis and in 1968 the sixteen-year-old Stefanos. Psomas brothers came from Zarkadia Chrisoupolis and grew up in poverty. Despite the lack of even basic commodities, Stephanos managed to enroll in a conservatory in Chrysoupolis and take his first guitar lessons, which he continued for several years, but due to the terrible economic poverty, the older brother migrated to Germany and in 1968 Stephanos followed him. In Germany, Michalis Psomas (bass, vocals) played at popular clubs, while Stefanos (guitar) got a job at a factory where he worked for many years, while all the money he saved went to the studio that they rehearsed their songs every afternoon, with the participation of the exceptional Turkish - also immigrant – E. Koloklou (drums). With the help of their older brother Theodoros Psomas ( bouzouki), they recorded a single with two folk songs, in which the music and the lyrics were written by all members and soon it became popular in the Greek community. Αt the end of 1967, they managed to release two instrumental tracks ("Arrows flies" and "Volcano")  as a single, under the label of Τοn Bauer Studio. The style of these two excellent tracks is pure surf rock with a strong beat and aggressive guitar, a style mostly preferred at the west coast of the US and Australia. In the beginning of 1969, they decided to record an entire album, while promoting the single with every opportunity, performing in several “dance nights” of the Greek community and touring in places of central Europe where there was a Greek community (mostly in Germany, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Italy, Switzerland, Austria). At the end of the tour they entered the same studio and this time they recorded 12 songs with greek lyrics, hoping to release them in a long-play album. They issued another single on the Ton Bauer Studio label, which included the songs "Storm" and at the B side the ballad "The wonder is you ". 

          Despite the excellent work, the obligation of the members of the band to fulfill their army duties and the sudden death of the virtuoso drummer ended this effort. So the reel with the remaining 9 songs remained unpublished until today. The two Psomas brothers later formed the band “Sun of Greece”, where they perfected their musical abilities combined with the dynamic poetry of Panagiotis Psarianos.

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