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Sounds & Tammy

The present recording of  the Sounds is composed by the following members:

Takis Antoniadis ( vocals ), Tammy (vocals ), Mimis Trikourakis (drums), Andreas Dakanalis ( guitar ), Georgos Legakis (guitar ), Takis Sfakianopoulos ( farfisa , vocals ), Sotiris Natras ( saxophone ).


Sounds were founded in the early 1963 somewhere near Ymittos area with the prior formation being composed by Georgios Legakis (guitar), Andreas Dakanalis (guitar), Orestis Psychopaidopoulos (bass) and Vikentios Triantafyllidis (drums). Orestis – also known as Riris – Psychopaidopoulos came up with the imaginative and smart name for the band with which they began their first appearances at Dimotiko Theatre Pireos and at Pinoccio club in Plaka. Vikentio`s deep friendship and respect, bring Takis Antoniadis in the group along with his beautiful voice and excellent use of English, conducting a highly successful appearance in Pagration. Somewhere along that performance comes the life altering acquaintance with their ever then manager and owner of Village Club in Kypseli, Alkis Exarchos, where they will perform numerous concerts.

Takis Sfakianopoulos, a native Greek from Egypt (farfisa playes, singer) comes to the band in order to cover their need for a sound more like Animals and Moody Blues, where Orestis Psychopaidopoulos departs and Mimis Trikourakis (drums) joins the band when his army serving ends. In the meanwhile Sotiris Natras enriches their sound as he participates  the band with his saxophone only to be followed by Tammy`s inclusion, a necessity for covering a large female vocal part of their program, with the help of the conductor Takis Athinaios. Following multiple rehearsals and team bonding of the current formation, they sign up not only with Nikos Mastorakis`s M+M Enterprises for musical performances but also with Martin Gesar`s  “Music Box”  for making recordings for 2 singles.

Their ever moving manager Alkis Exarchos fills up their daily routine with performances in music morning shows, where in April of 1966 their appear in Coronet, the luxurious night club of the Hotel Kings Palace. Nikos Mastorakis will then propose them to be part of the grand festival, which took place in 15th May of 1966 at Pigal ( cinema / theater ). The Sounds opening performance was a highlight and attracted flattering comments by the music press of the time.

The after  festival era, includes a new contract with Igloo Club of Fokionos Negri alongside with the  Charms, while in September of 1966 and during the National Exhibition in the co-capital they appear in Romantica Club, having Kostas Hatzis with them on stage. Covering the needs of younger audience they also conduct numerous appearances in Club Water Lily. Their return in the capital is marked by exhausting rehearsals, shows at the ball of School of Nautical Interns and in July at Nautical Kavala while the next day they take part in Nikos Mastorakis great musical contest in Kallimarmaro Stadium. On the 26th of July they rock the young audience of Chalkida with their exceptional performance in Lucy Theater along with the Girls and during the summer they are part of a cruise in Hydra, to cover the radio needs of Nikos Mastoraki`s show, following Aliki Vougiouklaki, Dimitris Papamichael and Marianna Toli. Then a ball for the A-64 club follows, live radio shows at the Saint Kosmas cart for the “Tam-Tam” drink and also the shootings for the breading Greek Television through the show “ Discotheque  for the young”. Finally they return at Igloo Club for their common appearances with Playboys and Philippos Nikolaou.

On the 24th of December they will get to work at the widely known night club “ On the Rocks”, with the Stylistes and Mairie Alexopoulou during  Christmas time. The Stylistes will depart for Sweden and they will be replaced with the Charms with whom they co-exist until May of 1967. During that period, Andreas Dakanalis is being replaced with the exceptional N.K for the bass. On the same time with guidance of the maestro and manager Takis Athinaios, they record their first two singles with the experienced soundengineer  Giorgos Konstantopoulos. The end of this formation meets with their last performance in the 3rd festival of modern music in Thessaloniki and the departure due to personal reasons of the farfisa player Takis Sfakianopoulos and the guitarist George Legakis, along with the army signing of Takis Antoniadis.

Right after the festival, their manager announces that as of May they start their appearances in the renovated Club Zhivago, with the addition of the talented pianist N.P, who also takes the role of the orchestra conductor due to his academic experience and he changes the way the group works with partitura. Further additions come along with the experienced in guitar and vocals Spyros Metaxas and the also experienced in Italic and French repertoire Petros – Leo Milas. The enhanced rehearsals and the high technical level of all the musicians provide an exquisite result handing the characteristic ever then sound of the band for the years to come, marking the opening of the club with remarkable attendance and scene sharing with the Semprini. After the end of their appearances in the club, the band sails off to Rhodos, where they appear in the club Rien for two months. In the end of the summer season they will move again in Thessaloniki to perform in the club Remvi for 30 days being remarkably accepted by the audience. They will also find one day to make a unique appearance in Larisa.

Winter begins with their appearances at Queen Anne Club at Voula, Sotiris Natras`s departure and replacement in the saxophone by Christophoros Rimbas and an equally successful course with the Radishes. In the same time they will appear in the musical mornings of Kimonas Aretas at Terpsithea and they will record the hit “Stasera mi butto” in Greek lyrics with Notis Kittaris, along the addition of Giannis Theodoridis in the trumpet and Siveras in trombone. The initial choice for the vocals was Leo Milas but finally they gave Spyros Metaxas a chance and the results were phenomenal with high sales.

Spyros Metaxas departs through the end of the season only to join the Greek new wave music and is being replaced by Michalis Nikoloudis. With that formation they embarked the summer season in Zhivago and with the participation of the top saxophone player Rigas Saritziotis in the programme. In the mean while they will appear in the TV, record “Pos” and “Esena pou se ksero toso ligo” with Tammy, while they -under pressure- include a 20 minute popular(laiko)  part in their programme. During the mid-season Takis Antoniadis returns and the sound of the group richens with the addition of one more saxophone player, Georgos Manikas.

The winter of 1968 will begin with a concert at Chalkida and appearances at Faliriko Delta alongside with the Charms. Khartoum will be their next stop where they will meet incredible success and appreciation by the audience only to return on the 4th of January to appear at Patras Carnival. They will then head to Thessaloniki again, to appear in the new club Ifigeneia with the group Up Tight, Marinella and Christos Nikolopoulos orchestra. For the 3rd summer in a row they will appear in Zhivaggo with the Harlems, be part of a cruise – concert with the Idols and appear at the theatre Minoa. After that period Panos Karboulonis will replace Michalis Nikoloudis and with that formation they will appear in many TV shows and they will also record their great success “ To Mathima”.

Winter will find them again in “On the Rocks” along with the Charms while they will find some time to travel to Veroia at Vikelia festival with the Broyer Sisters. The Nikos Panagopoulos and Christoforos Ribas will depart from the band to be replaced by Leonidas Markeas ( hammond ) and Thomas Georgiou ( saxophone ). Following the contract they will appear at Kolossaio Cinema , with George Karatzapheris presenting and the performance  being recorded by the new radio producer and friend Terens Quick. Tammy will then decide to follow a solo carrier while the rest of the Sounds will travel to Patra for live appearances at Vily Park. During the Greek hallowing they will travel to Heraklion Crete for one unique show at Xenia hotel.

On the Rocks is their next stop for winter of 1970 again with the Charms and Kouka, when they will also be included in a mass photo-shoot, with top bands of the era at Pedio Tou Areos for the magazine Fantazio. The year will close with a huge concert at Palais De Sports in Thessaloniki with the diligence of Lefteris Kogalidis, an appearance at Rex for the magazine Show and at Cine – Anna. Special reference should be made for their appearance at Super Show in an attempt to repeat the success of the recital Mammoth, in which they were successful.

Pipistrello club at Kifisia is their next stop for February of 1971 where Christina will for the first time sing with them, while their first Long Play vinyl will be released. For the summer season they will again be at On the Rocks with Christina and the Idols. In the mean while they will conduct one unique performance at club Ariadni at Crete. Then Thomas Georgiou will depart and the Italian Carlo Argenziano will replace him in piano. With the new formation they will make a pass through seliloid and participate in the movies “Efoplistis me to zori” and “Dyo efthimi glentzedes”.

The summer will end with one more concert at Palais de Sports at Thessaloniki and the departure of Nikos  Karagiannis – one of the basic member of the Sounds – to serve his duty to the army. Vasilis Papavasileiou from Thessaloniki will take his place, while Michalis Nikoloudis partially appears due to his army time and in the end the young Medina is added for the female vocals. During the winter of 1972 they will appear in Sinikon club at Faliro, where the season won`t be a great success as modern music takes generally a hit by folk music at that time. On the bright side their second album is been released, setting a great success, while Mimis Trikourakis, another key stone member for the band will depart as he will follow a better working career opportunity  at Crete.

Then Dione Kefala will be added for female vocals and some new members they will appear in “Dafnis & Chlois”club at Thessaloniki and at a G.N.T.O. show at Paris and then at Rhodos. The band`s formation will change again after their appearance at On the Rocks in summer, where Takis Antoniadis will go for a solo career and finally Dione Kefala will solemnly perform the vocals. 

In the middle of the season the encrypted in golden letters, mythic name of the Sounds will be silenced for ever and become a part of our country`s musical history.

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