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Socos and the Live Project Band

The socos & the live project band was formed in October 2004 by: Marinos Tziaros (vocals, percussion andbleeps), Dimitris Antoniadis (drums), Nektarios Kordoumenos (bass), Mpampis Antonatos (guitar) and Socos(guitar) they released their first album, entitled "Tears of the dream" in January 2005. 


A few months later Maria Latsinou (voice) was added to the composition of the band and with this line up they released two more albums, "Kafka" and "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear" in 2007 and 2009 respectively. In the summer of 2009, personal reasons led Nektarios Kordoumenos to quit the band and after three months of searching, the position was taken by Kyriakos Borgias. In October 2011 they released their fourth album, entitled "Antartiko Poleon" (Urban Guerilla). 

In the summer of 1990 Socos along with John Praftsias (drums) and Nektarios Kordoumenos (bass), formed The Requiem. An English speaking band which, after getting involved with the majority of the metal genre, ended up to the US hardcore sound with a British Punk perspective though. 

In The Requiem band Panagiotis Liotsakis had the lead singer position until 1993 and Spiros Makris from the winter of 1993 until the band's breakup. The frequent appearances of the band, in conjunction with their explosive live sets, helped them gain a steady audience and a constantly growing hype around their name. 

The death of Spyros Makris from heroin overdose along with the communication difficulties between band members led to the final breakup. The Requiem released only 3 demo tapes and never released an album.

Tziaros and Socos knew each other since high school where Tziaros along with Tselos Dimitris (guitar, vocals), Sotiri Bolla (drums), Panagiotis Tsaparas (guitar), Alexandra Thanelos (synth) and later with PanagiotisKoukouvinis (synth) and Charalambos Tzanakakis (bass) formed the band ‘Fykia’ (Seaweed). In 1993 Socostook the position of guitarist and in 1997 the position of bassist took Kordoumenos. At that time, Socos andKordoumenos had the need to experiment with other music genres, beyond the hard sound of the Requiem. 


This collaboration resulted in a large shift in the sound of ‘The Fykia’. The Fykia were a very active band regarding their live shows. With the following composition they participated with three songs in the collectionMustrockchalastes by FM records that was released in 2000: Marinos Tziaros (voice), Sotiris Mpolas (drums), Nektarios Kordoumeno (bass), Socos (guitar). In the final period of the band, drummer was Praftsias. They never released an album. 



In autumn 2000, Christos Alexopoulos, a regular visitor of the Voices studio of Xenophon Xenios, the studio where the Requiem and the Fykia used to rehearse, was looking for a guitarist for a live set. Socos was proposed by the studio’s soundman, George Priniotakis and thus began a long collaboration. In Alexopoulos’sband the singer was Maria Latsinou.

In December 2005, Latsinou, who was in the audience, was asked to join for improvisation in a live appearance of Socos & the live project band at "Epi Kolonos" theatre. The result was so great that it led to theunanimous decision that Latsinou should join the band. Antonatos was also rehearsing regularly with a band atthe Voices studio, playing a sound of undetermined genre. A particularly dark guy with very dark sound. Exactly the sound that Socos was looking for. 

Socos and Antoniadis met in September 2004 in a basement studio in Chalkida. Their first contact was a 45 minute improvisation (that was recorded!). The main reason that Socos made the decision to reform a band was Antoniadis’s explosive playing. 

Socos & the live project band have been recording in the Artracks studio since 2004  with George Priniotakis and Alexios Mpolpasis as sound engineers and co-producers. Their albums are released by Christos Alexopoulos’s record label, Puzzlemusik.

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