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Apognosi (Desperation) were formed in October 1984 in Athens by a group of friends located in Kallithea. The members of the band were:

Takis - Drums
John - Vocals
George - Guitar
Vangelis - Bass
Starting from their school years and having musical concerns of all musical genres of the 80s (new wave, punk, ska), they created their first bands, through which Apognosi was born, adopting the punk-hardcore sound of the era.
During their lifespan, they managed to play with many punk bands in numerous concerts of that era, such as the Genia tou Chaous and Adiexodo (their 2nd live in Megara from 1984), ANTI, Ex Humans, Mavra Idanika, Anti Troppau Council etc.
In 16/05/1985 they recorded in the Studio 111 with sound engineer Takis Argyriou their first 3 tracks (Stranded Life, Militaristic Ballad and Two Minutes Ago) that Enigma Records owned by Spiros Peristeris intended to include in the compilation “Diataraxi Koinis Isihias”  (Disturbing domestic peace), but ultimately because there was not enough space on vinyl, the tracks were intended to be included in the second compilation, which unfortunately was never released. In 1985 the Swedish Fanzine "Fetvadd" released the tape compilation "What's going on inside my head" including bands from 13 countries and within them Apognosi with the 3 recorded tracks. The same year they went back to the studio and recorded a rehearsal with six new tracks, but unfortunately the studio had no natural drums and so the recording was made with early electronic drums. During 1985 the American fanzine Maximum Rock'n'Roll in issue No. 23, hosted an interview along with Adiexodo while Thanassis Velissaropoulos, a friend of the band, gathered all their recordings and released them as a split tape with Adiexodo while in June 1987 the band was dissolved.
Since then John and Takis formed Make Believe while Vangelis moved in Thessaloniki and formed Naytia (Nausea) along with Sonia and shortly afterwards he was a member of Ektos Eleghou (Out of Control). John continues to this date his musical pursuits as a bassist in 3 Way Plane

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