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Theotokatos Petros

·     Born and raised in Athens, Greece. He took up music at an early stage of his life since at the age of five he attended piano lessons. He studied guitar, electric bass, music theory, computers and composition under Amarantos Amarantidis (composer, graduate of Ecole Normale de Paris and author of musical manuals), Christos Zerbinos (composer, well-known accordion solist and Vice-president of the Greek Composers Union) and Theodore Antoniou (Conductor, Dr of Boston University and President of the Greek Composers Union).

·     His music incorporates elements of rock, pop, electronic and minimal music.




·     He is influenced by the’ 70s rock and punk music, the English culture of the ’80s and the American one of the ’90s as well as by the minimal and the ambient music.

·     In 1993, he decided to write songs, setting up a group of musicians called «Ftou».

·     In 1997, he recorded his first solo album, «Gun to the plate». Influenced by the dissolution of the ex-Yugoslavia, the songs themes are centered on Bosnia, the bombing of civilians, love and death.

·     He participated in the 1998 «Rockwave Festival» in Athens, next to Nick Cave and Natasha Atlas.

·     In 1999 he recorded his second album, «Freedom can not be defeated». His material is more introspective, dealing with the deadlocks of modern man related to family, relationships, work, thinking, the speed and paranoia of western civilization. In this album, he has set to music the translation of a short passage of fizzle no 6 from the work of Samuel Beckett «Fizzles».

·     His third album, «Dreams of the little fish», was released in 2001. He is more interested in the sound of the album, thus mixing all music styles in ten songs and three instrumental compositions, namely sounds from electronic, folk and classical music. The material was recorded at home using computer.

·     In 2004 he participated in the workshops of young Greek composers that took place at the Athens Music Concert Hall, with his project «Chronokyma A’» for piano, violin, trombone, contrabass, percussion, under the supervision of Giya Kancheli, a renowned Georgian composer.

·     In 2008, he released an album of instrumental compositions, «A-political correct», whose orchestration is greatly and evidently influenced by the American minimalist composers. He uses even more music styles, an audio documentary from the war in Iraq, as well as music for piano and one song (Funny Idea).

·     In 2011, he released the rock-pop album «Stories of Sight», which included ten songs. In this work, he is more interested in the issue of effective communication between people and the deeper questions brought up by people’s glances.

·    In 2012, he released the electronic instrumental album “Monologues 2012”.









·    In 2014, he worked with “Athens Camerata – The Friends of Music Orchestra” and the conductor Zoe Zeniodi for the premiere of his play for stringed instruments, “Sirens” at the Athens Conservatory on December 5-6. 


·    In April 2015 he won the best screenplay award for Evangelos Kalaitzis’ short film “Mi” (“Don’t”) at the Onassis Cultural Centre competition 


·    In June 2015, his seventh album is initially released on the internet: 


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