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Karras Dimitris

Dimitris Karras was born in Athens in 1979 and from the age of 15 was involved in music. It was in April 2000 when, in collaboration with Minos Emi released his album ‘O anthropos pou den gennithike pote’ (The man who was never born) with his band at that time, Puzzle. The songs that stood out were ‘Se ena Synnefo’ (On a Cloud) and ‘O ihos ths vrohis’ (The Sound of Rain).

He joins the band ‘Synnefa me pantelonia’ (Clouds with pants) and immediately a cd single is released again by Minos Emi from which the song that stands out is ‘Epeidi’ (Because). Then, based on an idea by Manos Xidous he creates the band VOX resulting in recording three albums, two with Minos Emi, where the songs that stand out are "Pos loipon na sou miliso’ (How can I talk to you) in duet with Yiannis Kotsiras and "Xartaetos’ (Kite) in duet with Rothes and the independent "The VOX sings John Markopoulos" where the composer entrusts them his original composition, ’Oi nikimenoi’ (The defeated) with lyrics by Odysseus Ioannou. In the album participates Lakis Lazopoulos.

2008 is an important year for him as he begins his personal releases starting with the album "Demo" in cooperation with Archangel where the songs that stand out are ‘Troxospito’ (Caravan) & ‘Lypamai’ (I'm sorry). In the album participate Areti Ketime, Panos Katsimihas and Haralampos Garganourakis. In late 2009 he releases "Astivi" where many Greek artists such as Natasha Bofiliou, Yiannis Koutras, Manolis Famellos, Myronas Stratis, Maria Luca, Maria Anamaterou, Kostas Macedonas, Nikitas Klint honor him with their confidence interpreting his songs. From this album the songs that stand out are ‘Eho mia mera droseri’’ (I have a cool day) and ‘Ola ta farmaka ehoun vgei’ (All drugs have emerged). In 2010 he releases the hit single by Warner Music ‘Fraoula Granita’ (Strawberry Sorbet) while only a year later (2011) releases the album ‘Oi sxizophreneis den xasmoyriountai sxedon pote’ (Schizophrenics almost never yawn) that was released in 300 collectible vinyl albums. The album’s female vocals belong to Elena Delichristou while the song "Tango" in a duet with Nikita Clint stands out. In 2012 he releases a new album titled "Thnitario" in collaboration with the folk country band Skull & Dawn. In the album participate the Vougioukli sisters and Charalambos Garganourakis.

In parallel with his career in discography either in collaborating with bands or as a solo artist he developed a strong activity in composition and song lyrics collaborating with artists such as Hro, Evridiki, Dimitris Korgialas, Leonidas Mpalafas, Manos Xidous, Rothes, Christos P., Elisavet Spanou, Eleana Zeginoglou, Areti Ketime, Maria Louka, Konstantina, Elena Delichristou, and the young singer Fotis Andrikopoulos where he signs most of the songs in his second album titled ‘Etsi oi meres pernoun’ (How the days go by) where the title song stands out. Indicative of his ability is that many of his songs also become the titles of other artist’s albums. 

In terms of singing he worked with the Katsimihas brothers who trusted him to cover the song ‘Prosopikes Optasies’ (Personal visions) along with Vox, the virtuoso musician George Zografo and newcomer Konstantino Plousio.  

Skull & Dawn

Active since 2002, their music is a mixture of various miscellaneous genres, having however as a key element of the American folk-country culture. They have signed with Austrian independent record label Steinklang Records with which they have released one full length album, one split Cd and have taken part in various collections of this genre. They have also collaborated in the past with Matt Howden (Sieben / Sol Invictus) participating in the album 'Ogham Inside The Night' along with artists such as Faith and the Muse, and Chris Eckman (the Walkabouts).

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