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Mora Sti Fotia

They were three friends from Veroia, Greece that formed in 1984 a band named “Tebelides tis Eforis Kyladas” (The Loafers of the Fertile Valley); Stelios ‘Salvador’ Papaioannou (vocals, bass), George Papaioannou (drums), and Banny (guitar) who was later replaced by Paylos Paylidis.  

In the early 1986 however, they left Veroia for Thessaloniki, caring a new name for their ‘trio’, “Legeona ton Xenon”(The Legion of Strangers), and during the summer of the same year, they were playing at a club near Kavala, Greece.   

In the 1987’s winter, they recorded six songs on a four channels sound mixer with Babis’ Argyriou help. The recording tape arrived at George Tsakalidis ears, of ‘Ano Kato’ Records, who decided to release it on LP. So, they started the studio rehearsals for the upcoming recording, while they cooperated with Katerina Moustaka on keyboards. Their name however, changed once more, using this time a paraphrase of the Brian’s Eno song “Baby’s on fire” (Ta Mora sti Fotia).   

In February 1988, the homonymous LP “Mora sti Fotia” (Baby’s on Fire) was released. But during the summer of 1989 the band was dispersed, although its course hadn’t finished yet. 

In 1994, the band’s guitarist Paylos Paylidis left the group and with his new fellows ‘Ta Xylina Spathia’ (The Wooden Swords) released their first LP entitled “Xessaloniki”, while Stelios ‘Salvador’ and George Papaioannou were rehearsing songs with session musicians. After a five years break from live concerts, Mora sti Fotia gave a performance at the Sykeon Theater at Thessaloniki. 

Four more years were needed, apteral, in order for their 2nd album, entitled “Theatrinoi” to be released by the ‘Lazy Dog’ records, in October 1999. Under their new line up, Thanos Natsikas (guitar), Thanasis Zacharopoulos (drums), Achilles Tsitouras (keyboards) and Stelios ‘Salvador’ Papaioannou (bass, vocals), Mora sti Fotia performed in hundreds of concerts and musical festivals all over the country. 

In 2005 the band released their 3rd album; a cd named “Sto Dromo” (On the Way), by ‘Baby Records’, a label owned by ‘Salvador’. Their line up, except Stelios ‘Salvador’, had completely changed while George Vassilas (guitar), Vaggelis Notopoulos (bass), Ilias Petridis (keyboards) and Chris Konstantinidis (drums) were added. Dimitris Zikas (drums) who was participated in the album recordings officially joined the band after Konstantinidis’ withdrawal.  

On November 2007, Zikas withdrew the band and Paschalis Ignatiadis replaced him on drums. Menelaos Karagiannis (trombone) furthermore, and Nick Nikolaidis (trumpet) joined the band’s line up.   

In 2008 ‘Baby Records’ released a double cd and DVD entitled “20 Chronia – Zontani Ichographissi sto Kyttaro” (20 Years - Live Recording at Kyttaro), including 24 videos and 24 songs, lively recorded at Kyttaro, a club in Athens.  

In 2011, Mora sti Fotia presented their new material; their latest album that was released by ‘Baby Records’, entitled “Cougar 

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