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Born and raised in the city of Patra, Alexandros embarked on his musical journey by participating in local rock bands not only as a guitar and bass player but as a singer as well.

By the end of the 70s, he is a member of the punk group “80s Ways” where he composes his first songs. In the meanwhile, he manages to record his first demo using his very first Synthesizer and some poor musical means found in Patra at that time.  In 1982 having prepared some synth-pop songs, he travels to Athens and records in the Cosmosound studio the single “No Place to run / Tired” with the help of his friends ( John Kiris, Nikos Ginis, Costas Coco Efstathiou ) and also cofounds “80s Ways Records” with his friend George Pappagelis.

Music magazines of the time paid a warm welcome to his new beginning with the “Pop & Rock”, “Mousiki” and “Hhos” sharing very good reviews on his songs. Two years later, comes the production of two singles for the “Logo & Via” and “Peaceful Minds”  bands,  all being followed by his LP “Data” with a more electro-pop sound in April of 1985.  

For the next two years he travels in Europe to experiment on his sound with other foreign musicians, while in 1989 he returns to Patra and records the mini LP “Patra Amsterdam”  at “90s Ways Records”. At the same time and for three years he plays bass and electronics at the club “Di Oggi”. His productions continue to evolve with the “Future Voice” in a D.I.Y. cassette in 1991 and the  “Big Kiss”  CD and cassette in 1995 as an independent production. The English magazine “The Mix” includes “Big Kiss” in the top 10 new albums of the month. All along, various bands and musicians produce their albums in his very own “Berlin Studio”.

In 1998 he composes the soundtrack  “Kiklos Antohis” and the electronic musical project “Circles” which included two poems by Dionysis Karatzas. What`s more he creates the project “The same old story” , participates in Days of Modern Music and presents seminars of musical technology. Then follows the production and recording of “Control Room” through the years 2001-2004, which he plays live in churches and theatres.  He has also recorded two unreleased music productions “The rise and the fall of Mr. A” (2011) and “Music for my funeral” (2013). He performs many tracks of these two albums during his live appearances. 

Through the years, he has collaborated not only as a musician but as an electronic engineer with a lot of groups and other musicians such as “ Ichodrasi – Nikos Touliatos”, “The Sweeps”, “Baby Gunter Sommer”, “Paul Vertico” , “Patraiki Mantolinata”, “Days of Modern Music”, “Theodoros Antoniou”, “Orchestra of Colors”, “Dimotiko Odio Patras”, “Vasilis Lekkas”, “Kroustopanigyris 2008-2009”, “Dionysopoulos Andreas”, “Die Bunker”, “ Choris Perideraio”, “Meeting Center of Patra”. 

For the past two years he has been collaborating with some European production labels on musical programs as a composer and sound designer. Last but not least he has repressed in vinyl edition his LP “Data” in 2009 by the music label “Eirkti” and the cd “Control Room”  by “B-otherSide records” in 2014.

Translation by Natasha K.

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